Charity Form


We at Empire Supply USA want to help out your family, charity, non-profit, school, or medical facility that could be in need of some masks! Every month we’ll choose a story and send the winner a box of KF94 masks! All you need to do is send us an email with a story about you and why you’re in need of some masks!


Entries must be performed through this official website form.

There is no specific requirements for your story, just tell us about who you are and why you could use these masks!

Entries must be from some form of betterment program, organization, or be an individual or family in need. This can involve profits to non-profits such as charities, hospitals, first responders, schools, religious organizations, shelters, at risk individuals/families, low income individuals/families, and other similar entities. If you are unsure if you fall under these qualifications still feel free to send in an entry!

If you are declared the recipient of our giveaway one must be comfortable providing a shipping address for delivery. And if one enters under and organization, proving proof of existence of the organization that was entered and that you actually have ties to said organization,

Only applicants in the U.S.A can be chosen. If provided shipping address is not in the U.S.A we reserve the right to revoke our decision.

    Learn About the KF94 Mask!

    The KF94 mask is the most popular mask for personal and professional use in Korea thats certified by the KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration), but also, our masks are one of the few brands of KF94 that are also approved by the FDA in the United States. o2 Icons Empire Email hyph fix-01

    Easy To Breathe

    KF94 Masks give your mouth room to spare making it easier to breath.

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    Comfortable Fit

    KF94 Masks form to the face and have have an adjustable nose strap to prevent any air from leaking out and fogging up glasses.

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    Elastic Ear String

    Each mask has an elastic ear string for comfortable

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    Efficient Source Control

    KF94 Masks after 4 layers of protecting preventing


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